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Future Fundraising is dedicated to transforming the way charities raise funds in the digital age. Our innovative solutions and expertise help charities connect more effectively with donors, fundraisers, and volunteers, enabling them to diversify their donation streams and achieve greater impact.

Born from the Director, Cameron Cortazzo's passion for helping charities and 10 years marketing and entertainment experience, Future Fundraising strives to be an organisation that charities see as a genuine partner to their charities success in new fundraising streams.

Empowering Charities

Revolutionising Digital Fundraising for Charities

Future Fundraising empowers charities to thrive in the evolving digital fundraising landscape through a variety of products, services, and expertise.

Facebook Fundraising
Level Up

Whether it's Facebook Challenges or Birthday Fundraising, we have you covered. As an exclusive provider of GivePanel's Fundraising Platform we are committed to achieving the best possible results for your charity.

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Esports and Streaming Fundraising

GAME ON! Future Fundraising supports charities in running scheduled charity streams, collaborations, and gamified challenges on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming, Streamlabs, and Tiltify.

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Building Strong Fundraiser Communities

Future Fundraising focuses on building and maintaining strong, engaged Facebook, gaming or volunteer communities through content creation, community building and group event coordination.

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I'm sure you have lots of questions. To save the hassle we've written a few common questions we get to hopefully help answer some of your questions.

What is Future Fundraising?

Future Fundraising is a dedicated company that helps charities optimise and elevate their fundraising efforts through innovative strategies, leveraging the power of social media, esports, streaming, and community networking. With a strong passion for making the world a better place through supporting charities, Future Fundraising is YOUR partner through the new world of fundraising.

How can Future Fundraising benefit our charity?

We specialise in crafting tailored fundraising strategies that resonate with modern audiences. By tapping into the world of socials, esports and streaming, Ccommunity engagement is integral to charities growing their brand and deeper connection to charity cause. We can help your charity reach new donors and achieve fundraising success through these new channels.

Do you have a product to help charities fundraise

Although Future Fundraising is a services based company, we have an exclusive Partnership with GivePanel, an incredible software tool that removes the hassle from Facebook fundraising. GivePanel enables greater engagement with your fundraisers and donors on social and helps you run better Facebook fundraising campaigns.

How does esports fundraising work for charities?

Esports fundraising involves hosting virtual tournaments, engaging with gaming communities, and leveraging the popularity of esports to raise funds for your charity. We guide you through the process to make it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Is there a cost associated with using Future Fundraising services?

Yes, our services have associated costs. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to discuss pricing details based on your specific requirements.

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